A plug for laying up the fiberglass seat was made using several layers of 3″ insulating foam. This foam is very easy to work using tools as rasps, hand saws and coarse sandpaper.

Most of the techniques for making the seat, came from this video by Herm Narciso of Dime City Cycles.

After the basic seat was fabricated, I decided to make a stop attached to the front of the seat. The photos show how this was made from foam and layered with fiberglass.

Gas Tank Redo

Here’s my second tank for the SR250. It’s from a 1972 Yamaha DS7. This is significant bike for me. I bought a new DS7 when I first got my drivers license. It was my sole means of transportation for about a year.

Like the Kawasaki tank, a new tunnel had to be fabricated. This time I took the new tunnel to Anger Welding. They did a nice job with the welding.

This photo also show the beginning of the seat that was made for the bike.