Stripped and bead blasted all of the painted parts to prep them for primer. After the gray primer, 3 coats of single stage automotive paint was applied. On the frame and swingarm an additional coat of white sealer/primer was applied before the yellow. Handlebars and top triple clamp are satin black. Seat and bottom fork clamp are gloss black. Frame and swingarm are Yamaha yellow.


I’d been looking for the stock taillight and rear fender for my first SRX600 for about a year. When  one came up for sale on eBay, I bought it. The seller was in Russia.  I didn’t notice it at the time, but this is a European style taillight. The American taillight is larger and shaped differently.

Since I needed to paint this bike. I decided to move the American taillight on this bike to my red SRX600 and put the European one on this bike and paint it a blue, a color found on European SRX600s.