Street Legal

Two weeks ago, I rode the BSA up to get it inspected. In total I’ve probably put about 60 mile on it since then.

To get the bike street legal, following electrical repairs were  done:

  • Replaced the universal brake light switch with an Emgo clone of the OEM switch.
  • Replaced the horn.
  • Replaced the handlebar electrical controls for high/low beam and horn.
  • Several new bulbs.

Additionally, these repairs were done:

  • Repainted the hubs
  • Polished the spokes & rims
  • Replaced both tires with new Kenda K70 clones.
  • Installed a mirror


There was a strange bit of plumbing that made no sense. Barb connectors had been added to the intake rocker cover and primary cover. A hose ran directly between these connectors. According the britbike forum, this served no useful purpose. Sometimes venting is added to the rocker box and/or crankcase to help prevent leaks. It makes no sense to pressurize the primary by venting the rocker box into it. I removed the single hose and replaced it with two short sections of hose to vent both parts of the engine.

Gas Tank Liner

The fiberglass tank had a liner in it when I purchased the bike. It was flaking around the filler and I didn’t trust it to protect the fiberglass from modern ethanol laced gas. After the tank set for a few weeks with race gas, I noticed the liner was peeling away from the sides of the tank.  The entire liner came out when I pulled on it.