It’s done!

The bike was completely disassembled. As I reassembled it, many of the generic fasteners were replaced with stainless steel equivalents. Larger bolts, like axles and engine mounts were re-plated using a home plating kit.

Parts of the electrical system were missing or damaged. The battery and regulator/rectifier had been swapped out for a battery eliminator. I restored the battery and charging system. The turn signals are aftermarket copies of the OEM signals. The headlight shell was replaced with a better condition one from eBay. The headlight rim, lens and bulb are new. The original taillight had been replaced, presumably when the rear fender was removed. I made a bracket and mounted an LED unit that fit the seat cowl.

The rear shocks were shot. They were replaced with shocks from Work Performance.

The engine was completely overhauled. The cylinder was bored to 1st oversize and the head was overhauled by Dana Johnson at Import Machine Service. I replaced the bearing and seals. The crankcase, cylinder and head were all bead blasted. The oil tank and crankcase covers were refinished by hand.

Everything was repainted. The frame, wheels, calipers, etc. were powder coated at Central Mass Powder Coating. The paint and bodywork was done by Pete Petkauskos at Pete’s Custom Paint.

5 thoughts on “Finished

  1. hi there,
    good job – looks really great! i’m interested how you made your bracket for the taillight and the license plate. how did you mount it? if you still own the bike maybe you could remove the cowl and take some pictures.

    thanks and keep up the good work!

    • Thanks. I started with this kit from Eastwood. It works but doesn’t leave a shiny finish or deposit much metal. Much of what I plated with it is starting to rust. Now I’m using this kit from Caswell. It works really well. I’ve gotten results that look just as good as store bought nuts and bolts.

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