First Photos

A friend in Ohio purchased this Yamaha Moto-Bike at the Barber Vintage Festival and sent it to me for restoration.  It’s a 1975 Model B. This makes it a year older than the Moto-Bike I restored for my cousin a while back.

The bike was being ridden when purchased. It is missing the rear fender, chain guard and kick stand. The pedals and handlebar grips are replacement parts and not close to original in appearance.

The crank is loose and the right crank arm hits the swing arm. This has been happening for so long the crank arm has worn through the tubing of the swing arm.

4 thoughts on “First Photos

  1. Hello!
    I have this same model that I got for Christmas in 1974. I now want to get it back into shape. It is ride worthy now, but I do need to replace the fork seals and clean up the bearings. Can you tell me the part number for the front fork seal on this model? I really don’t know for sure if mine is a 74 or 75.

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