The photo shows everything that was replaced on the TY175 in rebuilding it.

Most of the Yamaha parts came from Ron Ayers. Their prices are competetive with other OEM mail order sellers and the parts are typically delivered in about a week. Free shipping on orders over $99.00.

I purchase most of my general parts (Parts Unlimited stuff) and consumables through my friendly local dealer, Route 3A Motorsports.

Trials specific and some general parts came from Speed & Sport. Helpful friendly service, but on the wrong side of the country for quick delivery.

  • Trials handlebars
  • Sprockets & chain
  • Muffler
  • Front fender & above fender fork brace
  • Cable making supplies
  • Foot pegs
  • Amal throttle

Several items were purchased via eBay. The decals came from Anglia Vinyl Art.  A spoke set came from Vintage Avenue Shop. A used brake rod, chain guard and oil pump were purchased from individuals selling items.

The rear fender is from DG Plastics, purchased at the Mid-Ohio swap meet for $20.00. It’s supposedly a replica of the original OEM fender. It’s the same shape but the dimensions are off.  The DG fender narrower and the radius seems slightly less. I was able to get it to fit with a minor bit of heat gun shaping.

New IRC trials tires came from Dennis Kirk.

The Wossner piston, rings and wrist pin were ordered from Racer’s Edge.

Wheel, headset and swingarm bearings came from Moto Part Hub. I discovered these ship from Maine and therefore arrive in a couple of days.

I replaced the 1.40×21 rim with a slightly wider 1.60×21 rim that I had on hand. My thinking was the wider rim would allow the front tire to make a little better contact with the ground. The front tube seems happier with the wider rim, with the 1.40 rim and the low tire pressure used in trials the valve stem barely poked through the rim.

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