The replacement seat that was on the bike didn’t look much like the original banana seat.  It was also well worn and was not easily recovered, so I tossed it and searched for a replacement.

After spending a considerable amount of time searching, I settled on the Sunlite Polo Seat This seat that was the same length and appeared to be the same shape as the original Moto-Bike seat.  It didn’t look close in real life. There was way too much padding which made the seat look too big next to an original seat.

After removing the cover, I reworked the seat by bending the sides in to match to width of a Moto-Bike seat.  I also relocating the mounts to match an original seat and ground material from the bottom edge of the seat to thin it. My wife made a new cover.  I first tried cutting the original seat foam but the result was too bumpy, so I replaced the foam. The bottom of the seat was painted gloss black like an original Moto-Bike seat.

We’re very happy with the result. The new seat is difficult to tell from an original.

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