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    • Getting rid of the wings is all that’s necessary. The only fitment issue I ran into was when I tried to replace the OEM carb with an OKO carb. The OKO is slightly taller and the carb opening on the RD flange angled a few degrees less than the stock TY flange. This causes the OKO hit the top of the crankcase. The OEM carb fits fine and I think some people just ignore the contact between carb and crankcase with an OKO. Originally I used the stock reeds, but recently switched to a set of Boyesen “trials” reeds. I think they made a bit mid-throttle improvement, nothing dramatic.

      • Thank you for the clarification. John over at TYtrials in the U.K. offers another brand of reeds made in Florida for Banshees mods. I might consider those.
        Did you find and improvements in performance using the new intake manifold? Recommend it?

        • Sorry, I didn’t do before and after rides to see if I could tell a difference. The intake was changed as part of rebuilding the engine. I should do an A/B test sometime.

    • Sorry, I don’t have one for sale. I’m going to hang on to the OEM one in case I decide to put the bike to original condition. It’s pretty beat up anyway. They come up for sale from time to time on ebay. There are a couple listed now.

      I think a ty250 silencer is close to the same as a ty175. The aftermarket one I purchased is supposed to fit either a ty175 or ty250.

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