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  1. Thanks. You are correct, the muffler is an Emgo attached to the stock header. The rears shocks are stock length Hagon. The original shocks were rusty and leaking. The Seca forks bolted right on using the Seca brackets.

    • Thanks. It looks like you went through 2 iterations of rear shocks; one with red springs going 2/3 the way of the shock (like OEM) and a final with chrome springs the entire length of the shock (Progressive Suspension?). I’m going with PS shocks originally for a XS650 (a little longer and stronger). Also like the high-temp silver exhaust paint vs the flat black too. Was thinking of flat black for mine but now am reconsidering.

      • The shocks with the red springs were the chrome OEM shocks repainted. I retired them after discovering that oil was leaking out of one of them. The shocks on the bike in the finished photos are Hagon shocks from Dave Quinn Motorcycles. I’ve purchased shocks from Dave Quinn a couple of times and find him a great person to deal with.

  2. Great build! Is that an Emgo shorty on the original header? Original shocks or longer? Anything special to mount the XS400 Seca forks? I had also seen where someone else had swapped in a set of XV250 Virago forks to retain the spoked wheels but have a front disk brake (doesn’t help with the 16″ rear wheel though).

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