It’s Alive

My friend Doug, had quadruple bypass surgery and then hernia surgery this summer. As a result, he made slow, intermittent progress on the BSA over the summer. His health is finally improving and he’s spent the better part of two full days time sorting out several niggling problems.

  • The carburetor needed to be cleaned again. The fuel filters I’d installed were dirty (as was the inside of the carburetor). The float and needle settings were way off.
  • New points and condenser were installed using the updated setup where the backing plate from a twin is used and the condenser is relocated under the gas tank.
  • The valve clearances were off enough that the one of the valves was not closing all the way.
  • Several almost stripped case screws were heli-coiled. This fixed the worst of the oil leaks.

With these work, the bike is almost ready for the street. It starts easily, runs well and is ridable. To be street safe it needs a bit more attention:

  • The tires are very old.
  • The front brakes are dangerously weak.
  • Brake light switch doesn’t work.
  • Needs a mirror.
  • Needs new swingarm bushings.
  • And?…

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